Luisenhospital Aachen (Germany) will offer assistance in choosing programmes of diagnosis and various diseases therapy at Health&Medical Tourism exhibition

Luisenhospital Aachen combines a high level of medical support with a 150-year history and best traditions.
The clinic includes 12 departments and 12 specialised centres and is a leading clinic in the region. Latest technical equipment of the hospital and the highest level of professionalism of its 1,300 employees provides high-quality patient care.
Therapy of complex diseases at a high professional level is achieved due to the cooperation of hospitals with the relevant medical centres and professionals, united in a single interdisciplinary clinics network. Such cooperation creates a great foundation for developing a comprehensive,  individual and patient-oriented approach to treatment.
Basic treatment directions:
• Therapy (gastroenterology, oncology, cardiology, pneumology, diabetology)
• Orthopedic surgery, traumatology, sports medicine and foot surgery
• Plastic and reconstructive surgery, hand surgery
• General, visceral and thoracic surgery
• Rehabilitation medicine and geriatrics
• Anesthesiology and intensive care
• Operative otolaryngology
• Operative ophthalmology
• Gynecology and obstetrics
• Palliative medicine
• Vascular surgery
• Radiology
Specialised centres:
• Pulmonology and treatment of cystic fibrosis
• Reconstruction of the female genital organs
• Surgical treatment of cataract
• Thyroid surgery
• Joint replacement
• Spine surgery
• Surgery of the intestine
• Vascular surgery
• Oncology breast
• Hernia surgery
• Diabetology
• Oncology
You can get more information about Luisenhospital Aachen services at Health&Medical Tourism exhibition on October 11-13, 2017. For free attendance, please get e-ticket.