Hospital Clinica Benidorm will participate in Hеalth&Medical Tourism Exhibition

Hospital Clinica Benidorm (Spain) is a private medical centre committed to its patients that has been striving to provide a highest quality medical sendee for over three decades. Clinica offers a multidisciplinary and international team of highly qualified professionals who carry out their daily tasks according to the vast experience they have acquired working with our foreign patients for over 30 years. Currently, HCB provides service to 70% of the foreign patients who are European residents on the Costa Blanca and, step by step, it is converting itself into one of the centres of reference for patients of the Health Tourism sector. Hospital Clinica Benidorm reckons on more than 40 employees of all nationalities from the EU, Russia, Middle East and South America, who work in over 40 integrated medical specialties, which include apart from emergency sendees, hospital ward and outpatient clinic, surgery' and neurosurgery departments, haemodynamics, cardiology, paediatrics, gynaecology, orthopaedic surgery, rehabilitation and Integral Cancer Treatment Institute. 

HCB combines latest scientific and medical advances with up-to-date equipment and technology and this is what distinguishes clinic as a leading reference centre in image diagnosis in the Region of Valencia. Main values of HCB are personalised attention with international vocation and human side of medicine. Clinic also participates in different scientific and research projects and their added values are many national and international quality certificates.

Visitors of Hеalth&Medical Tourism, that will be held at 12-14 October 2016 in EXPOFORUM, Saint-Petersburg, will get the opportunity to meet directly with the representatives of the clinic and get the consultation about the organization of treatment.