The Public Union for Support to Health and Thermal Tourism of Azerbaijan will take part in the exhibition
Today health tourism is growing everywhere turning into a global tendency of the modern tourism industry. Famous for its unique historical and cultural places, Azerbaijan is not falling behind these processes. This country has a mild climate and all the same the breathtaking landscape including forests, mountains, rivers and waterfalls. It is famous for its resort paradise and is rich in inexaustable mineral water resources, medicinal muds, naphthalane oil, numerous salt caves. Health tourism also helps people to solve their health problems and strengthen their organisms. It would suffice to mention the world famous Istisu, Galaalti, Naftalan, Duzdag recreational resorts. Adoption of the State Program for Development of Resorts in Azerbaijan in 2009-2018, announcement of 2011 as the year of Tourism, implementation of the State Program for Development of tourism in 2002-2005 and 2010-2014 created favorable conditions for the development of tourism, including health and medical tourism.
The Public Union for Support to Health and Thermal Tourism has been created in Baku, Nakhchivan and other regions alongside the opening of modern medical and healthcare centers, mountain resorts, general health centers.
Undoubtedly, this trend has a great potential and will further develop in the future. For this purpose, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is working constantly with concerned structures to restore the health tourism facilities and create new world-class resort areas.

Hotels and clinics that will be represented on Health&Medical Tourism exhibition:

The QafqaZ Thermal & Spa Hotel is a four-star hotel located in the authentic village of Yengija which is famous for its healthy and mineral rich natural waters and springs on the outskirts of Gabala. The hotel has 61 stylish, modern and spacious guest rooms where one can relax after spending a day at spa, wellness, massage or sports facilities. The hotel has Standard Rooms, Superior Rooms, Junior Suites and De Lux Suites. The QafqaZ Thermal & Spa Hotel have a stylish restaurant and bar & lounge which may satisfy any guest.