Salvea medical centre – the high class rehabilitation in Germany
Salvea is a brand of the inoges company. The inoges located in Krefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, is a company for innovation in healthcare and has over 35 years experience in medical-therapeutic activities. It consists of a modern structured group of 22 independent operating companies all over Germany. Inoges sees it’s core business in building up and structure modern rehabilitation facilities with cross-indication therapeutic focus and a team of physicians, therapists and interface specialists from the mentioned areas of expertise – in stationary, ambulant or partial ambulant care.
In healthcare, salvea stands for quality, innovation, impeccable service as well as a high level of patient and customer satisfaction.
Rehabilitation philosophy and quality
It is the human individual that is at the center of inoges` holistic understanding of health. The philosophy of inoges is this:
·         Get healthy: With long years of experience and specialisation as well as patients active cooperation, patients will get closer to the rehabilitation target day by day.
·         Stay healthy: company develops an individual after-care plan for patients, which considers their medical situation and their own personal targets. With this plan and positive personal attitude, patient will long stay healthy.
·         Live healthy: During stay at the rehabilitation, interdisciplinary and multi-professional team gives patients much important information and many suggestions for a better perspective in life. So patients can take good care of themselves after the rehabilitation as well.

A very good rehabilitation result and highest patient satisfaction – both these targets are at the top of the company's principles. Company achieves this quality by intensive interchange between interdisciplinary and multi-professional teams in regular consultations. By this, they maintain company`s transparent quality-management-system, continuously developing and improving it.
The stay at the salvea health centre Krefeld
The moment when patient sets foot in the salvea health center in Krefeld, he can feel it: the presence of an especially friendly and pleasant atmosphere. It originates on the one side from the stylish interior design with a love to detail, on the other side from company`s belief that appealing surroundings are a decisive influence to a persons healing.
Every day, patients experience hospitality. The holistic concept of the rehabilitation is aimed at patients` feeling as good as possible while staying with salvea health center`s team. That is why patients` family and relatives are included in the healing process.
City life, culture and lots of nature
The salvea health center is centrally located and only 20 minutes from the Dusseldorf airport. The large cities along the Rhine - Krefeld, Cologne and Dusseldorf - offer metropolitan flair, historic sights and a broad cultural offer. The nearby spacious city forest invites people for walks, jogging or nordic walking.
Patient rooms
The rooms for patients breathe tranquility; they are pleasantly decorated, invite to rest in a relaxed environment and are equipped with all modern features like free WLAN and a large flat screen TV with international channels. It speaks for itself that specialists of the company can accommodate the patient's parents, spouse or other accompanying persons in the room or elsewhere in their facility.
First class meals in the restaurants
During inpatient stay, day begins with a fresh and tastefully arranged breakfast in the salvea bistro. At lunch and dinner, the company`s staff will spoil patients in the restaurant with international dishes that are coordinated with dietary consultants and that support health program. Between therapies, patient can enjoy healthy snacks and beverages as well as a selection of fine cakes and coffee and tea specialties in the salvea Bistro with outside terrace and garden view.
Salvea wellness
The salvea wellness in Krefeld is one of the best day-spas in Germany and never stops to amaze guests from all over the world. In a wonderful, almost exotic ambience, mesmerizing relaxing wellness treatments, feel-good massages, yoga and exclusive cosmetic treatments are waiting for patients.

The International Patient Office.
The company organises medical (when needed surgical) treatment in one of its cooperative hospitals with subsequent rehabilitation in one of salvea health centers and will support patients throughout entire stay. This is what patients can expect from the company:
- choice of clinics/specialists
- coordination of surgery and/or rehabilitation appointments
- arrival & departure service (e.g. airport transfer)
- accommodation for accompanying persons in a hotel or a salvea apartment
- interpretation service (e.g. English, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish and more)
- case management
- support with travel and passport issues (e.g. request/prolongation/pickup of a passport, residence permit, registration, de-registration and change of registration in combination with residence permits and visa requests)
- applying necessary insurances
- opening of bank accounts
- leisure programs for accompanying persons
- personal attendance during your entire stay
- personal contact for the cost-bearer (e.g. health offices, insurance companies)
- reporting (examination and discharge reports, medical reports for prolongation request to the cost-bearer and prolongation of the stay as well as certifications, e.g. for employers)
- requests for aiding devices
- ordering medication
- coordination of shuttle services
- billing of therapies
- being acquainted with the details of different cultures
- organising of events.
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